How I Banish Boredom

Like most entrepreneurs, I think about my business almost all the time. It’s takes a lot of energy – creative, emotional, physical – to create something out of nothing, and I spend a lot of time working on business growth, expanding the reach of my community, and designing ethical jewelry pieces. As a result, sitting still hasn’t felt good in a really long time.

So I’m going to do a slight spin on the subject of boredom. I want to share my experience in the work of changing gears. Letting what’s always on your mind, settle down for a little bit so that you can appreciate the other incredible moments that make up your life. ‘Banishing’ (although that’s maybe too strong a word) the familiar hum of routine, and engaging in activities that fire up your imagination and make you feel good.

Two of my favourite things to do in this vein, are reading and drawing. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of nonsense fiction books, which have been perfect for travelling because of how easy they are to jump into after a day that’s already been full.  

When it comes to drawing, I love to sketch the random shapes I see around me. I keep all of my drawings in a book, and usually flip through them later. Okay, this ‘later’ is referring to work, and the creative process of designing jewelry, but sketching is also an incredibly relaxing and stimulating process in the moment.

Something else I love to do is dream, and what I usually dream about is the next place that I’m going to visit. I love to spend time on Google, searching for inspiration. When it hits, I head over to wiki travel to explore accommodations, restaurants, and all the things to do and see. I also add up how much this hypothetical trip might cost. Recent searches include Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

But the best part about this last bit, is that this time spent doing something other than routine inevitably changes my routine. I end up places, and with new experiences, that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t stepped back and banished the boredom of routine; allowed myself to imagine: what else might I experience?