Inside the Devi Studio: Cleopatra Necklace

Inspired by Egyptian mythology, I designed the Cleopatra necklace about a year ago. The Egyptians understood their world through story, ascribing the natural phenomenon they couldn’t reasonably explain to the realm of the Gods. These myths were also inspired by the cycles and reoccurring patterns of nature.

The delicate and somewhat methodical pattern that features prominently in my Cleopatra necklace (as well as in the other pieces from this series) is inspired by the feeling of these stories and also by the imagery some of them invoke: the sun’s rays, the Pharaoh’s wig, the wings of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

After having the original idea for this piece, I began working backwards. I saw the image I wanted to create and I began sawing, hammering, soldering, and cutting until I eventually came up with this design. It’s a very intricate piece, and one of my favourite things about it is how much detail is included on such a small canvas. There’s a lot more happening than originally meets the eye.  

I also work a small gemstone into the centre of each piece. The stones I usually feature are:

  • Labradorite – Inside this iridescent stone, a range of colours seem to be blending together including a blue-green, lavender-blue, and yellow. It’s known as the stone of transformation.
  • Rainbow Moonstone – this stone can appear as flashes of blue, purple and yellow, and is believed to hold a deeply feminine and sensual energy. It’s paradoxically considered a stone of mystery and protection.
  • or Iolite – a hypnotic violet-blue colour, Iolite is known for its ability to restore balance. It’s a stone of endurance, but also of clarity.

Upon special request, you can also order this necklace with a ruby or emerald stone. 

The Cleopatra necklace is one of my favourite pieces. I wear it myself nearly every day. This design isn’t available online yet, but you can browse them in person at one of my winter markets. Here’s the schedule.

You can also browse some of the other designs in this series, including my starburst earrings and Cleopatra stacking rings.