Inside the Devi Studio: Flower Earrings

When I designed these earrings, I had the ‘flower power’ feel of the 60’s in mind. I love everything about that era: the music, the style, the groove. The process of coming up with the design for the earring set was a little challenging, and I went through several different versions before coming up with the final design. Like most of my nature-inspired jewelry, I wanted my flower earrings to appear both simple and intricate, delicate and memorable.

I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out. 

The base of each flower stud is made up a simple hand-textured and domed disk. I’ve then shaped the edges to look like petals with a careful process of cutting and sawing. An ethically cut stone is then placed in the centre (learn more about where I get my materials) before the whole piece is polished until it shines.

Tomorrow is the equinox, which means we’re entering into the spring season. It’s about time! Looking to invite spring into your wardrobe? These flower earrings are just the first in a full flower series that will include hoop earrings, two different styles of stud earrings, a necklace, and a ring. More info on this series will be coming soon.

Second Nature Boutique in Vancouver is carrying my flower earrings now. I’ll also have them on display at these spring markets. They’ll be available for online purchase soon.

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