Love-Inspired Ethical Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m going to be straight with you: love is my biggest source of motivation. When I was younger, I used to say that I loved ‘love’. I loved how it made me feel. I still do. When I’m around my family, friends, and partner; the many likeminded artists in my community; working on my business and designing new pieces; collaborating with the artisans I work with overseas, I feel so much gratitude for how these people and experiences make me feel.

On Valentine’s Day we get an invitation to celebrate all of that love, and yet most of the time, this day feels synonymous and exclusive to romantic love. Does it have to be that way? There are so many fulfilling relationships in the world: friendships, family, colleagues, mentors etc. We could use this day to celebrate those relationships too.

photo credit: Codi Lynn

For those wanting to make a conscious purchase in celebration of February 14th, I’ve got a couple different options.

The following pieces were recently featured on the Creative Wife & Joyful Worker blog (by Codi Lynn), as one of 5 Local Valentine’s Themed Gift Ideas.  

XO Earrings

Made from sterling silver I love these for their simplicity and detail. For every piece, the wire has been carefully (and playfully) hand bent by me. 

Heart Necklace

This is one of my bigger pieces. Because of the jump rings on the chain, you can play with its positioning. It can be worn straight or symmetrical, depending on your mood.

*The above photo is by Codi Lynn.

Other Valentine’s Day Themed Gifts featured were:

Check out this featured blog post for more information and some fantastic pictures by Codi Lynn (one of which I’ve shared above and in the thumbnail). 

And by the way… if you order one of these pieces between Feb 6th-13th and link to this blog post, I’ll give you 10% off (online orders only). There won’t be time to ship it to you in time, but you can pick it up at my Vancouver Studio.

Wanting to find something closer to home? Check out this list of retailers who carry my designs, and give them a call to see if they’re in stock. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!