My 15 Favourite Every Day Earrings by Independent Artisans

Several months ago, I shared this list of my 16 Favourite Stacking Rings by Independent Artistans. In the same spirit, I’d like to highlight a new batch of artisans (some familiar and some new) who have made some pretty gorgeous earring sets.

I’m not personally the type to wear big ostentatious pieces as an everyday accessory, so for this compilation I’ve decided to focus more on simple but intricate designs. These are the types of pieces that you could easily wear everyday, without swapping them out. You could even fall asleep wearing them, if it’s been a particularly long day. I don’t recommend doing this… but it is something I’ve done.

Here are 15 (three of them are mine) of my Favourite Everyday Earrings, made from artisans I’ve met in life, at markets, and on social media.

I hope you enjoy this collection! Maybe you’ll discover another favourite artisan in the process.


1. XO Earrings by Devi Arts Collective 

Starting this list off with one of my own pieces, one of my favourite things about my XO Earring set is their versatility. If you have two piercings on one side, you can wear them both on the same ear. Or you can wear one on each ear. Or buy two sets and wear a full set on each ear. There are so many possibilities! Made with sterling silver, these are handmade by me in my Vancouver studio.

Product Description:

These handmade sterling silver earrings are a great everyday piece and a fun addition to any outfit. The width of the 'x' and 'o' are 0.75cm in width each. 

About us:

Connecting artisans around the world, the Devi Arts Collective is an ethical fashion

brand featuring handmade nature-inspired jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Bayoush uses ethically cut stones in her designs.

2. Four Point Studs by Kolton Babych

Kolton is a good jeweler friend of mine from Vancouver. He’s self taught, and makes some very beautiful and unique pieces that feature fine gem stones. Considering the materials he uses, the price point for these is extremely reasonable.

Product Description:

Handmade sterling silver studs with green or white sapphires.

About Kolton Babych:

Kolton Babych has followed his own path, honing his craft, designing and selling his creations since the age of nine. In addition to his own line, Kolton has worked and designed for international jewelry firms, such as Juicy Couture, as well as various award-winning film and television productions. Drawing inspiration from a huge range of global influences, Kolton Babych’s modern, eclectic design is increasingly sought after, both locally and internationally.


 3. Pearly Dreams by Ashleigh Amber Moore 

I love how Ashleigh has turned something that feels so traditional – pearls – and made them the focal point of this very modern design. This piece is an example of simple intricacy. The design may appear simple, but there is so much detail at work. Look closely.

Product Description:

Sterling silver, fresh water pearls with a textured detail. Perfect every day studs. Hands up if you love pearls.

About Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewelry:

Ashleigh’s work incorporates many design influences revealing clean, bold contemporary lines to create unique one of a kind bespoke fine jewelry pieces or her production pieces.  With an attention to detail and quality, her conscious designs define mindful purchase.


4. Sea Star Stud Earrings by Mersea Studio

Marina is one of my studio mates and it is an absolute pleasure to include her in this list. She uses actual sea stars as molds for her earrings. Perfectly aligned with Devi, Marina’s work is completely inspired by and created with nature. They’re a really perfect everyday set that will draw attention, and perhaps even a story about how they’re made. 

Product Description:

8 year old summer feet, scramble along the rocky shore. Young eyes spot the tiny sea star washed up by a wave, dried by the August sun. Nimble fingers scoop up the treasure, claiming it as her own. 25 years tucked into the corner of a cabinet of curiosities. 1 mould created from the memory of that long past summer’s day. 1 mould used to create each and every seastar stud earring from 100% reclaimed silver.

About Mersea Studio:

I’m a marine biologist turned goldsmith. Mersea Studio is the fusion of my passion for nature and art and my local knowledge.  I’m known for multi-layered, hand sawn pendants, rich in physical weight and symbolic meaning. Pieces that tell of our connection to the west coast, to ourselves, and to each other. Designer: Merina Paton

5. Swinging Studs by Laughing Sparrow

This set sways and dances as you move. Ever worn a skirt you couldn’t stop twirling in, to feel it move around your body? This set is exactly like that. If you’re wanting to add a little bit of playfulness to your life, these would be a pretty aligned purchase. 

Product Description:

This little sterling silver studs are tiny but mighty! They like to dance on your ears.

About Laughing Sparrow:

Laughing Sparrow believes in showcasing the beauty of simplicity. Designer Rachael Hatala hand makes every pieces of jewellery out of sustainably sourced sterling silver and gold in her studio located in historic New Westminster, British Columbia.

6. Impulse Studs in Gold by Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Of all the pieces I’ve featured as part of this list, this is definitely the most ostentatious. But I couldn’t help myself, I love these and how beautifully both stone options stand out with the gold. I don’t think you’d have any trouble getting away with wearing these as an everyday pair.

Product Description:

The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, these little studs come in your choice of Tourmalinated Quartz or Rose Quartz. Glossy 14k gold plated pendant over brass. Studs are 1/4" in length. Nickel free and e-coated to help your plated piece with longevity and wear.

About Sarah Mulder Jewelry:

Sarah Mulder Jewelry is imagined, designed and finished in Vancouver, Canada.  Sarah designs "Jewelry for City Dwellers with Bohemian Hearts" and focuses on statement pieces that can be tailored down to pair with everyday looks. Working with artisans, Sarah's designs are made from carved wax that are set in molds. The pieces are then finished in either 14k gold, silver or rhodium plating.  Sarah pairs the designs with hand-cut semi-precious stones and finishes the jewelry in her studio in historic Gastown.  Each piece is handmade to ensure a quality product. 


 7. Stone Studs by Hailey Gerrits

These are classic style stone studs, in gold. I’ve really been feeling the gold lately, and these are just so effortlessly simple and eye-catchingly beautiful at the same time.

Product Description:

These simple everyday studs pair great with any necklace in the collection, to add a little pop of colour to your ears. Available in Aquamarine or Grey Moonstone, and set in 14K gold vermeil.  

About Hailey Gerrits:

Formed in 2010, Hailey Gerrits Designs is a Vancouver based jewelry business focused on providing unique and sustainable jewelry. Hailey designs her pieces using almost 100% repurposed and recycled vintage metal findings, paired with semi-precious stones hand-cut in India.  Hailey spends hours digging in warehouses and markets for the perfect vintage chains, crystals, and pendants. 

8. Starburst Studs in 14kt Gold-Fill by Devi Arts Collective

Again in gold, these are part of my Cleopatra series. I think they really capture the spirit of their inspiration and I love their delicate texture. Also available in sterling silver. I did an Inside the Devi Studio feature on them. Learn their story here.

Product Description:

Follow your inner star.Our stunning Starburst earrings are a staple in our Cleopatra Series and a great everyday option. These earrings are 7mm in diameter and are 14kt gold-filled Wire with a 14kt gold-filled earring post.

About us:

Connecting artisans around the world, the Devi Arts Collective is an ethical fashion

brand featuring handmade nature-inspired jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Bayoush uses ethically cut stones in her designs.


9. Aqua Raw Apetite Studs by Naked Sage

Jessica is a very talented designer who prefers more of a raw esthetic to her jewlelry. This piece is perfect for those who also prefer that more unpolished, close to nature look. I particularly love the bold colour of the stones she uses.

Product Description:

Raw Apetite Studs. Surgical steel posts. 8-10mm diameter.

About Naked Stage:

The inspiration for Naked Sage spans from the rugged West Coast of Canada to the Ganga in India, the hills of Bolivia and the bustle of San Francisco. The diversity and ever changing ways of our planet is an abundant source I draw from in all of my work. Designer: Jessica Freeman


10. Shine Bright Don’t Burn Stud Earrings by Franny E Jewelry

Franny uses ethically sourced diamonds in her designs. Although these are a bit of a splurge, they are an above excellent alternative to traditional diamond studs. They’re beautiful, and you’ll feel fantastic wearing them. Also, I love their name.

Product Description:

Every hand-formed pair of stud earrings are composed of 14k gold and natural ethically sourced diamonds.  06 Carat White Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Solid 14k Gold.  Approx. 5mm Diameter. Backings Included. One-of-a-Kind. Made to Order. 

About Franny E Jewelry:

Franny E Fine Jewelry embodies the beauty of impermanence. With physical facets of asymmetry, asperity, and irregularity, the collection masterfully melds together ancient themes with contemporary design. Using precious and semi-precious metals, hand-selected natural gemstones and diamonds, each piece is one-of-a-kind.


11. Mini Spy Studs (Silver) by Biko

Biko is a well known designer in Toronto. If you’ve never heard of her, her collection is definitely worth exploring. I particularly love this piece because of their sass. They’re a terrifically fun handcrafted piece, with a matching bracelet and ring set if you’re feeling particularly spy-like.

Product Description:

Delicate hand-cast forms. Twist to wear vertical for versatility. 

About Biko:

Biko is a ‘modern nostalgic’ jewelry brand. Each piece is conceptualized and hand-crafted with love by a small team in Toronto, led by founder Corrine Anestopoulos. Born in 2005, Biko draws inspiration from global treasures and found curiosities that translate into wearable, contemporary silhouettes. Biko marries vintage inspiration with sleek mixed metals, hand-cast pendants and natural stones to create high-quality, versatile pieces that tell a story.

12. Brae Earrings Bronze (Mosaic Black Inlay) by Erica Leal

Erica Leal has one of the most unique and funkiest collections I’ve seen in a while. I love, love, love her pieces. I particularly love the stark contract between the gold and the black in this set – I think it would pop on most people – but if this isn’t your thing, she has many other colour options to choose from. Take a browse.

Product Description:

Bronze, hand-cut acrylic, resin. Sterling silver post. Handmade in Canada.

About Erica Leal:

Reformed forms handcrafted in Vancouver. Printed sterling silver cast and finished with cut acrylic inlay. Plying new shapes since Camberwell College of Arts London. Shaping worlds you can wear.


13. Branch Half Hoops in Sterling Silver by Devi Arts Collective

This is the set that I personally wear everyday. Inspired by nature, I’ve textured them to look like tree branches. Although they’re very detailed, they’re also small and delicate and very easy and comfortable to wear. Once again, encourage your friends to look closely. 

Product Description:

We just love the subtle texturing in this pair of earrings. Texture to mimic the dimples and rivets of a tree branch. This pair of earrings is a great everyday option. This pair of earrings is approximately 0.5" in length and made in sterling silver and features sterling silver earring post and backing.

About us:

Connecting artisans around the world, the Devi Arts Collective is an ethical fashion

brand featuring handmade nature-inspired jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Bayoush uses ethically cut stones in her designs.


14. White Sea Glass Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver by Bridget Turner Jewellery Designs

Bridget is an extremely talented designer who collects sea glass from the beaches in Nova Scotia and turns them into jewelry. I love the idea of using reclaimed and found products, and she does it in a way that is memorable and heart felt. Check out her website to read more about her and the inspiration for her designs.

Product Description:

The sea glass used for these earrings roughly measures (including the silver setting) 1.0 cm x 0.8 cm x 0.4cm or 0.39" x 0.31" x 0.15" Each sea glass piece is unique in its shape and size, so the sea glass earrings you receive won't look exactly like these ones but they will be one of a kind! 

About Bridget Turner:

Early in the mornings I head down to the beach before the wind picks up and go on a hunt  to find treasures that are left with the changing of the tides. All the while designing in the sketchbook in my mind of what jewellery I want to make. I often come home with those memories of the ocean in my jacket or jean pockets and when I find them again it takes me back to the beach I visited, the air, the smells and the waves I experienced. My goal is to create beautiful jewellery with memories of the sea so you can take them with you where ever you may go. 


15. South Sea Pearl Stud by Foe and Dear

I’m going to finish this list off with another ‘pearl’ set. These are simple and beautiful pair of gold and silver earrings, in the shape of pearls. They’re a stand-out piece that can easily be worn everyday. I love modern takes on old classics, and these are done particularly well.

Product Description:

The hand-fashioned, gleaming spherical stud is inspired by the most valuable pearl in the sea - the golden South Sea pearl. This classic stud is especially striking when worn together in a double-pierced ear with the South Sea Pearl Drop Earring.

About Foe Dear:

Foe & Dear is a collection of one of a kind pieces that are assembled to order by hand and heart. Utilizing materials and incorporating influences from the world over, Foe & Dear offers collections of jewelry that honour humanity’s roots—from the sparkliest, most sublime peaks, to the darkest, roughest depths. This contrast illuminates a tension that envelops us: one of romance and mystery. 


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