My Top 16 Favourite Stacking Rings by Independent Artisans

My Top 16 Favourite Stacking Rings by Independent Artisans

May 22, 2018

Over the years, I have met a whole host of talented, independent jewelry designers who have become friends and true inspirations for me. If you’ve ever been to an artisan market, you’ve likely seen an exciting variety of makers working with a wild array of materials; each with a very unique vision for their craft. Believe me when I say, we see each other too. It’s one of the biggest joys of working as a creative: meeting others who are also following their passion, and witnessing, trying on, and purchasing their work.

There’s a big part of this business that’s built on support and mutual admiration.

On that note, I’d love to share some of their work with you. Here are 16 (two of them are mine), of my favourite stacking rings, made from artisans I’ve met in life, at markets, and (in one instance) on social media.

I love wearing a handful of rings. I think it’s a beautiful way to show off your eclectic style and adorn your body in a way that is both specific and unique.

I hope you enjoy this collection of stacking rings. Perhaps you’ll discover another favourite artisan in the process.

My Top 16 Favourite Stacking Rings Designed by Independent Artisans:

1. OPIS Braided Band by Carli Sita Fine Jewelry

I’m lucky enough to share a studio space with this very talented jeweler. This piece is from one of her newer collections. True to the promise of her brand, this piece looks fantastic alone, but can also be paired with other pieces, making it a great stacking option.

Product Description: Hand carved band with engraved braided design. Available in sterling silver or solid 10K gold.

About Carli Sita Fine Jewelry:

Delicate and modern, Carli Sita’s unique collection of fine jewelry is for the daring and playful trendsetter in each of us. Developed to suit both local and global fashion, we believe that although clothing may give you a certain style, it’s the jewelry you wear that becomes your signature; your way of standing out and saying ‘this is me.’

2. Birthstone Stacks by Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewelry

Ashleigh is a talented artist and jeweler from Okotoks, Alberta. This is one of my favourites from her designs. Since you have the option of choosing multiple stones, this would be a fantastic gift for your parents. It’d be your family ring. You could also design one for yourself, for a loving dose of self-affirmation.

Product Description: Sterling silver birthstone stacks. Ring can be customized for multiple stones (clarify which stone(s) in checkout). Also available in 14k gold filled.

About Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewelry:

Ashleigh’s work incorporates many design influences revealing clean, bold contemporary lines to create unique one of a kind bespoke fine jewelry pieces or her production pieces.  With an attention to detail and quality, her conscious designs define mindful purchase.

3. Orbit Ring in 14kt Gold-Filled by Devi Arts Collective

This is one of mine. The orbit ring has been one of our bestsellers online and at markets for a while now. It’s a simple design that’s a great fit for those who shy away from chunky jewelry. It’s a memorable stand-out on its own, but can also be stacked with your other favourites. This ring is also available in sterling silver.

Product Description: handmade and features 14kt gold-filled wire. This ring is great on its own or stacks well with other solitaire and stacking rings. Available in size 4 to 11.

About Devi Arts Collective:

Connecting artisans around the world, the Devi Arts Collective is an ethical fashion

brand featuring handmade nature-inspired jewelry, accessories, and home décor. She uses ethically cut stones in her designs.

4. Medium Feather Ring by Kat Cadegan Jewellery

Kat is a Revelstoke based jeweler who I had the good fortune to meet at an artisan market in Alberta, and another in BC. She’s an inspiration to many designers in the jewelry community, and is definitely an artisan you should know as well.

Product Description: “Love” is inscribed on the inside of this ring with the texture from an osprey feather I found in the North West Territories. This ring is open-ended to allow for slight adjustment, however appropriate sizing is required

About Kat Cadegan Jewellery:

When I am not out skiing, rock climbing, going on dog walks, or cooking up feasts for my friends and family, I am in my studio creating jewellery that is inspired by the life I live and the nature that surrounds it.

5. Surf Ring in 14kt Gold by Mersea Studio

Merina is one of my newest studio mates (there are three of us sharing a space in East Vancouver). I feel very lucky to work in the company of two such motivated and creative women. Like myself, Marina is a biologist turned jeweler. Her inspiration comes from the sea.

Product Description: Available in sterling silver or 14K gold.

About Mersea Studio:

I’m a marine biologist turned goldsmith. Mersea Studio is the fusion of my passion for nature and art and my local knowledge.  I’m known for multi-layered, hand sawn pendants, rich in physical weight and symbolic meaning. Pieces that tell of our connection to the west coast, to ourselves, and to each other. Designer: Merina Paton

6. Hexagonal Twist Ring by Jennea Frischke Jewelry

Jennea is a Calgary-based artist. I love the way she plays with different shapes in her designs. Her work is inspired by nature, and it shows. Elements of nature run elegantly through each of her pieces. They’re very beautiful.

Product Description: These dainty rings look great on their own or stacked with others.  They are available in sterling silver and 14/20 gold filled. The geometric shape to this ring catches light in fun ways that an ordinary band does not.

About Jennea Frischke Jewelry:

A handcrafted jewelry brand made using traditional metalsmithing techniques. In 2011, she was awarded with the Alberta Craft Council Award of Achievement. She works with a variety of precious and non-precious materials such as sterling silver, gold, wood, arborite, gemstones, and vintage components, turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and wearable art.

7. Three Layer Ring by Adornation

Shannon is a Vancouver-based local artist. I’ve always been a big fan of her statement pieces and this is one of my easy favourites. This is 1 ring that looks like 3. All the bands keep their consistent distance for a very stylish effect. It’s also very comfortable to wear. Shannon works with a whole host of other artisans at 1000 parker street (a well-known studio space in Vancouver).

Product Description: Handmade in sterling silver and tapered in the back for extra comfort. Available in sizes 3-12 and half sizes.

About Adornation:

Adornation focuses on creating modern, minimal, and organic jewellery designs highlighting simple geometric shapes and a variety of textures. All Adornation jewellery is handcrafted in small batches by Shannon Stewart in her East Vancouver studio to ensure high quality craftspersonship. Designer: Shannon Stewart.

8. Waterfall Ring by Emilie Shapiro Contemporary Metals

Emilie is a very well known artist. I followed her on social media for a long time before finally getting the chance to meet her over social media. This is just one of her incredible statement pieces. She is also an author of two books for jewelers: Creative Wax Carving and How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line.

Product Description: Rough kyanite and rough aquamarine set in recycled brass. Slightly adjustable. This piece is handmade-to-order. Each piece will vary slightly due to the uniqueness of the stones. All metal is nickel free.

Emilie Shapiro Contemporary Metals:

Emilie uses the ancient craft of lost wax casting which dates back to the Egyptians, wherein she carves sculptural pieces into hard wax and casts them into metal. Rough gemstones are incorporated into her work as a celebration of the beauty of natural imperfection. All production and resources are kept as local as possible, and every piece is handmade in Emilie’s studio in New York City.

9. Sterling Silver Flower Ring by Mackenzie Jones Designs Inc.

I love the delicateness and beauty of Mackenzie’s work. A Calgary-based artist, she’s built of a stunning collection of pieces, inspired by a wild variety of themes straight from nature. This piece in particular works really well when stacked with other designs.

Product Description: Handmade. Minimalist style. Band color is silver. Made with silver.

About Mackenzie Jones Designs Inc.:

Megan Mackenzie Jones is a multi-media artist working in metal. Flora and fauna, as well as memory and nostalgia are her main inspirations. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a BFA in Jewellery & Metals.

10. Open Ring with 2 Stones by Laughing Sparrow

pair it with one of these designs on either side. Can you picture it? I think it’d be gorgeous.

Rachael really embodies modern simplicity in her work. She was previously based in Vancouver (where we met and became friends), but has since relocated to Calgary. Here’s a stacking option: choose a chunkier ring from the suggestions on this blog, and 

Product description: Argentium Sterling Silver Ring with 2 Swiss Cubic Zirconia.

About Laughing Sparrow:

Laughing Sparrow believes in showcasing the beauty of simplicity. Designer Rachael Hatala hand makes every pieces of jewellery out of sustainably sourced sterling silver and gold in her studio located in historic New Westminster, British Columbia.

11. Tiny S+F Picture Ring by Marmalade Designs

Elephant’s have always been one my favourite animals, and so obviously I am in love with this absolutely adorable piece. I had the good fortune of meeting Kate during an artisan show in Toronto.

Product Description:

Handmade using sterling silver, natural linen and acrylic resin, the fabric pattern of these pieces feature printed versions of their own illustrations. Animals depicted include elephants, owls, penguins, and monkeys, with a whole assortment of other fun designs to choose from.

About Marmalade Designs:

Run by owner/maker Kate Singer out of her studio in downtown Toronto, Canada. Marmalade takes pride in using local production for its casting needs, and employing graduates from the local Jewellery Arts program in the studio. From the die maker who handmakes our paper cutting dies out of his garage, to the stampmaker, who makes our custom stamps in his shop just down the street; we have benefitted from so many skilled tradespeople and make it our mission to keep traditional handmade processes thriving in our local economy. 

12. Cross Ring – Gold Filled, Rose or Yellow Gold by Femme Mecanique

A Quebec-based artist, I met Julie earlier this year and immediately fell in love with her entire collection. Her pieces are simultaneously complex and minimal, and are memorably stacked with other pieces.  

Product Description: Handmade. This minimal design is shaped and soldered using 16 gauge 14k gold filled wires.

About Femme Mecanique:

Julie Verfaillie is a proud self-thought jeweller. She creates wearable art made out of Nature's treasures! Because she is self-taught as a jeweller, she tends to be really open minded about her technical approach. She takes her visual arts knowledge with her love for crafts and learns every technique with the good old trial and errors, ending up with her own unique techniques that are really efficient and creative.

13. Constellation Stacking Ring by Lana Betty Geometric Contemporary Jewelry

This piece by Lana is particularly great if you’re the type of person who likes to play with their jewelry. She’s a Vancouver-based artist who uses 3D printing for her designs! This rings looks especially fantastic when paired with itself (get multiple of the same design, and create your favourite constellation), but also feel empowered to mix and match.

Product Description: Keep the stars close to your heart with these delightful stacking fidget rings. They are studio-made rings, sizes 3 through 12 available. All rings are made using 18g sterling silver or gold-filled wire, soldered, pickled, and polished.

About Lana Betty Geometric Contemporary Jewelry:

Geometric Desires is a modern jewelry line uniting evolution and passion, combining beautiful materials and beautiful design. Lana Betty uses traditional jewelry making and the relatively new technique of 3D printing to create complex shapes and angular lines, balancing universal inspiration with on trend style. Designs are made using faceted semi-precious stones, sterling silver, brass, steel, and even gold.

14. GRL PWR Ring – Sterling Silver by Amara Blue Designs

Kassandra is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met, and the message behind this ring comes out loud and clear. A big YES to girl power. She has a few other pieces in her collection which feature a particular ‘f’ word. They’re quite fun as well.

Product Description: A reminder that you are a badass babe, who can take over the world. Hand stamped sterling silver, available in sizes 6,7 and 8.

About Amara Blue Designs:

Delicate pieces for the boho babe, and the intentional soul.

15. Solitaire Gemstone Ring by Devi Arts Collective

Another one of mine. This ring looks particularly beautiful when stacked with my mini mountain stacking ring or orbit ring, but it’d also look beautiful next to many of the pieces featured on this blog.

Product Description: These sterling silver rings feature a 5mm ethically cut gemstone.

About Devi Arts Collective:

Connecting artisans around the world, the Devi Arts Collective is an ethical fashion

brand featuring handmade nature-inspired jewelry, accessories, and home décor. She uses ethically cut stones in her designs.

16. Catania Ring by Urban Alchemy

This one has been designed with a particular finger in mind. It’s called a midi ring and is meant to be worn on your middle finger. If you look down, and find that your middle finger is needing some jewelry love, this might be the perfect fit.

Product Description: Raw, textured Sterling silver stacking ring with delicate band. Also available in mixed metal with Brass texture and Sterling Silver band. Sizes 2-4 are recommended to wear as midi-rings*

About Urban Alchemy:

Designer Briana Mercier fuses her love of craft, interest in unique contrasting textures, and admiration for nature with a touch playfulness and contemporary flair.


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