Our 5 Most Popular Gift Collections

In preparation for the upcoming Holiday season, here’s a list-style guide to help you choose the ideal piece for your loved one – I know Halloween is coming up first, but since these pieces are all hand-crafted, production can only happen so fast. I’m sharing this with you now, because I’d like to encourage you to submit your online holiday orders early before market season starts at the beginning of November.
FYI: You can find my market schedule for November and December by clicking here.
And a complete list of retailers which carry my pieces here.
If you need your order to be fulfilled in time for Christmas, I recommend getting it in by December 6th at the very latest. Some of my pieces use custom materials which may run out (like the below mentioned Copper-Dipped Feather Earrings). If specialized materials (like feathers or stones) are indicated in the product description, I recommend you submit your order even earlier.
Here are 5 of my personal Devi favourites:

1. Mini Mountain Stacking Rings
These are a consistent favourite and have basically become a Devi staple. They can be worn alone or stacked on top of another, and are available in 14kt gold-filled wire or in sterling silver.
Rings are a little tricky to order online, because the sizing can be difficult to get right. Since each ring is hand-crafted there’s some variety in the shape of the mountain on each ring, which does lightly impact how beautifully the rings stack on top of each other. At my markets, customers often hang out for several minutes trying on different combinations of stacking rings until they find the pairing that suits them. If this is an option for you, I recommend trying this yourself.
This month, you also have the option of booking a private shopping party. More info here.

2. Cepuk Wrislets
The Cepuk fabric is handwoven by the fabric weavers of Tanglad Village, and then stitched into this beautiful wristlet by a wonderful group of stay-at-home moms who I work with in Bali. I’ve designed the bag to be versatile. The straps are removable and it’s small enough to be placed inside of a larger bag for a funky place to put the things that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. I know how it is.  

3. Starburst Earrings
These are my favourite everyday earrings. They are simple and elegant in design, but with a unique celestial-inspired look. They come in sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled wire. When I wear them, I don’t take them off… for awhile. I even sleep with them on sometimes.

4. Copper-Dipped Feather Earrings
The feathers for these earrings are ethically sourced from a family in the Yukon. They hunt for all their meat and when they catch the birds, they send the feathers. I carefully meld tiny copper beads onto the tips of each feather for a gorgeous finish, and a unique nature-inspired look. There’s a limited quantity available.

5. Triangle Blockprint Pillow
The fabric used for these pillow cases comes from a group of artisans I work with in India who are part of SMK – a fantastic institution that supports individuals with leprosy. The triangular pattern came from a larger design, which I’ve cut down to make the geometric shapes really pop.


Every online order comes with a thank you card and a little surprise. I wrap each piece in a reusable cloth bag that’s been hand-stamped with the Devi logo, before mailing it off to you. If you have any questions about any of the pieces featured in this blog or in my online store, please feel free to send me an email at info(at)deviartscollective(dot)com.