What I Love About Doing Markets as an Artisan

The first artisan market I ever attended as a vendor was in 2013. I’d started making and designing original jewelry, but hadn’t sold anything yet. The Squamish Farmer’s Market was my first opportunity to introduce myself to the creative community as a designer.

On the day of the event, I remember struggling to get my tent up – a process that was more complicated than I was expecting. Next, I set up my bare bones booth, displayed all of my pieces, and mounted the sign that I’d printed at Staples.   

That day I sold my very first piece of jewelry. I was so excited, and asked my first customer if I could take a picture of her wearing the piece she’d just purchased. It was a big milestone for me and I wanted to document it. 

Artisan Markets continue to play a large role in my business, and I love every opportunity I have to attend one as a vendor. I love meeting new people, reconnecting with the many amazing makers who share the market space with me, and catching up with the familiar faces of the customers who support our local businesses year after year.   

I also love the experience of sharing my work in person, and seeing the different reactions people have to my designs. My jewelry isn’t just inspired by nature, some of my pieces are actually made with bits of nature – like my birch bark series, which is made using actual birch bark. The incredulous ‘that’s birch bark??’ is one of my favourite reactions, and I get it a lot.

I’ve also put a lot of work into making all of my pieces in an ethical and sustainable fashion. This facet of my business is something I’m very passionate about, and I’ll always be down to share that story with you. 

Finally, attending markets is a humbling experience. Because no matter how many markets I’ve attended over the last several years, and how much my business has grown, I always feel so, so grateful every time someone decides to purchase a piece I’ve designed and support my passion.


Spring Market Season is finally here! This month we’ll be making appearances in four different artisan markets in Vancouver, Squamish, and Calgary. We just shared the schedule in our April Newsletter. You can also find it here.