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About Us

Connecting artisans around the world, the Devi Arts Collective is an ethical fashion
brand featuring handmade nature-inspired jewelry by
designer Bayoush Mengesha.

The idea for the collective came from a deep recognition that she needed to start being accountable for where the raw materials she was using in her pieces had come from. Bayoush's desire to bring the concept of 'slow fashion', the fashion movement that allows consumers to be more environmentally and ethically conscious, to a mainstream audience began in 2013.  

In 2014, Bayoush spent several months traveling around India, Guatemala, and Bali looking for ethical co-operatives to work with and purchase from. As things usually go, the trip exceeded her expectations. Not only did she find those co-operatives, but she
connected deeply with the female artisans she met, who enthusiastically took her into
their spaces and shared their work with pride.

Every piece of jewelry is handmade by Bayoush in her studio in Vancouver. In 2014 she traveled to India to source unique and beautiful gemstones from a 3rd generation gemstone cutting family. All stones are hand cut in an ethical fashion (no child
labour and everyone works in safe working conditions). Ethical fashion has always
been a passion of Bayoush, whether it is the ethical natural gemstones she uses or the
recycled silver and gold metal she works with, an ethical and sustainable element is present in every piece Bayoush creates.