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Devi Arts Collective


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Be A Trendsetter In 2024

Step Into Summer

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Jewelry designed to be worn every day

Never throw another piece of jewelry away. Non-toxic wearability that actually looks good and is meant to last.

We are an eco-friendly company using natural materials, recycled silver, and gold-fill (not plated). Every piece of jewelry is handmade in our Vancouver studio with design and sustainable practices at our forefront. All pieces are handmade using lead, nickel and cadmium free materials.

Meet Bayoush, the driving force behind Devi Arts Collective

Her jewelry isn't just accessories; they're wearable stories, each piece handcrafted in her Vancouver studio. With two decades of global inspiration under her belt, Bayoush infuses her designs with the richness of her Ethiopian heritage and the vibrant tapestry of life's moments. Her creations speak volumes, empowering wearers to express their identity and strength.

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Be A Trendsetter in 2024

Silver Layering Necklaces

Get ahead of the style curve with a collection that will become a capsule favourite in your wardrobe.

Ethical jewelry, handmade in Vancouver


All of our jewelry is produced by hand with recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones.


Connection is the foundation of our brand and we strive to be trailblazers in the slow fashion movement.


We are solely committed to transparency and being mindful of our wearing environment.

What Our Customers Say

"This was my favourite necklace when I got it. I wore it everyday until it went missing. I lost it in November. Just last week it was found outside my home in a snow pile! This dainty piece of jewelry was under snow for five months and is still shiny and beautiful. There is no damage as far as I can tell and I am thrilled to have my favourite necklace back again!"

“I bought 2 of the gold heart necklaces for my daughter's for Christmas. They are dainty and beautiful. One of the chains came with a hug knot in it. I managed to get most of it untangled but I am left with a small knot still in the chain. I don't want to keep at it for.fear of breaking it.”

"I LOVE this bracelet. I thought it was beautiful in the pictures, and it surpassed my expectations. I’ve got so many compliments on it already and other people want to buy it when they see mine. Gorgeous!"

"Absolutely beautiful rings! I love how minimalist they are. They’re so well made and very sturdy. Highly recommend!"

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