Embracing Virgo Season

As we enter into the end of the summer season, we embrace Mercury and the grounding element of the Earth as the Virgo’s come into focus. Virgo is the zodiac sign belonging to those born August 23rd to September 22nd. As we draw an end to the season of Leo, Virgo guides us into autumn with their sensible ways. They are flexible and dynamic and we should look to them for examples on how to bring a realist perspective on our lives and self. 

Virgo’s are: Passionate and practical - Smart and sophisticated - Perfectionists and protective - Flexible and freethinking

Virgo’s are analysts, they thrive on planning and critical thinking. They are calm, thoughtful and kind. As the summer comes to a close, we can all benefit from goal-setting and a hard working mindset. Take the opportunity to look back at your summer and bring a positive outlook to the new season.

Represent your sign all year long with one of our Virgo necklaces from our Zodiac collection. These are the perfect gift to yourself, or the Virgo in your life. Handmade with either gold-fill or recycled sterling silver, the Virgo necklace features a Virgo constellation, a gold or silver charm, faceted moonstone and a 16” chain. These are a light every day necklace with thoughtful and unique details. 

Symbol: The Virgin    Ruling Planet: Mercury   Day: Wednesday   Element: Earth   Colours: Tan and Pale-Yellow   Compatible with: Pisces and Cancer

We observe the Moonstone as the alternative zodiac birthstone for Virgos. Moonstones are a fascinating and lustrous stone. In our Solitaire Gemstone Necklaces, moonstones are the ideal stone for layering with other necklaces. Moonstones are a subtle but alluring stone, they range in color and tone and radiate a peaceful vibe. 

Moonstone   Balances emotions   Preserves strength  Radiate peace

 Moonstones are traditionally used to help with self-growth. They preserve strength and promote emotional balance. Moonstones are so well suited with Virgo traits, we hope they bring you a tranquil transition to the fall season.

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