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Article: Peaceful Libra Season

Libra Season Zodiac Jewelry
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Peaceful Libra Season

Take a deep breath as we enter fully into the autumn season and the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac. Moving into focus from September 23 - October 22nd, Libras are here to help us all calmly transition. Libra is a cardinal air sign; they bring us a refreshing take on the world. We can look to Libras as examples on how to enter into another phase of the year with balance and harmony. 

Libra Season Jewelry Horoscope Zodiac Necklaces

Ruled by gentle Venus, Libras are known for being peacemakers. They encourage differing opinions but are excellent at communicating and mediating. Being a cardinal sign, Libras are born leaning into life and are leaders when it comes to pivoting to new experiences. Libras long for partners in life and make wonderful friends with lifelong loyalty. 

Libra Zodiac Facts Jewelry

To celebrate the Libras in our lives, we have both Gold and Silver Libra zodiac necklaces. A lovely combination of a Libra charm, a faceted moonstone, and either 14kt goldfill or sterling silver chain. Our zodiac collection honors each of our star signs and should instill the confidence in each of us that we are who we are supposed to be. Rock your sign every day or bring it out during your season and wear it proudly. 

The alternative zodiac birthstone for Libras is the stunning lapis lazuli. This stone is also known as the stone of friendship, fitting beautifully with the amiable Libra personality. A piece featuring a lapis lazuli, like our Silver Solitaire Gemstone necklace, would be a touching gift to the Libras in your life. The deep celestial blue is eye-catching and simply gorgeous no matter the varying tone and color. Lapis lazuli can help strengthen relationships and encourage new connections. 

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Horoscope Necklace

Enhance your transition into the new season with love, connections and balance. As always, make sure to tag us on social with your Devi Arts Collective Zodiac or Gemstone jewelry. Subscribe to our newsletter so you stay in the know and check out our pinterest for inspiration! 

 Designer Bayoush Devi Arts Collective

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