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Article: Winter Stones

Winter Gemstone Jewelry Style Advice

Winter Stones

As we prepare for the colder months and the upcoming winter season, we find ourselves drawn to cool colors and soothing vibes. Winter is a time for introspection and becoming aware of the simple times that make life so wonderful. The moments of sipping a piping hot drink, walking hand in hand, or gazing out at a winter wonderland. Just like we appreciate the simple views of our frosty environment, we love to welcome shades of blue, grey, and white into our wardrobe. 

Winter Gemstones Jewelry

We are currently really loving the winter stones of iolite and moonstones here at Devi Arts Collective! These gems combine for a spectacular look and also exemplify elegance on their own. With such vibrant yet calming hues, these stones embody a winter wonderland. We hope we can inspire you to try including a new gemstone into your look. 

Moonstone Gemstone Jewelry Necklaces

Moonstones are an amazingly adaptable gem. With such gorgeous and varying inclusions and hues, they go with absolutely everything. Their symbolic connection to the moon brings out a representation of new beginnings. The moon and its lunar cycle hold great power, moonstones pull that energetic power and are known to be great protectors. 

We adore moonstones set within our classic gemstone jewelry. Our Silver Gemstone Solitaire Necklace helps the moonstone shine. Moonstones are known to boost confidence and we love the look of them in a layering necklace, they are so easily combined with other colors and textures. The Cleopatra Necklace provides that powerful look in recycled sterling silver.  Stacking earrings, like our Mini Studs and J-Hook Hoop Earrings are also a perfect opportunity to showcase these balancing stones. Moonstones promote inner clarity and love, embrace that connection to your emotions during these cooler months ahead of us. 

Iolite Gemstone Necklaces Jewelry

Iolite brings a meditative energy into the season. It is cool and calm while also being quite vibrant with its range of color amongst the violet and blue spectrum. Iolite is a settling stone; it helps balance logic with intuition. It is connected to relaxation and instills in us the habits we need to keep daily life healthy and stable. Iolite is known to enhance the ability to capture that creativity you’ve been looking for. 

We love the unique color of iolite and its connection to each of our expressive natures. Magnify that energy by displaying iolite in one of our unique pieces. The Silver Ear Jacket combines an eye-catching textured disc as a background to a spectacular gemstone. We also love the look of iolite with 14kt gold-fill, such as the Gemstone Mini Stud, earrings that are perfect for every day. In the same collection is our Gold Solitaire Gemstone Necklace. These necklaces look fabulous layered with other pieces, and the bright iolite stone would make a lovely base for stacking. Iolite compliments moonstone, pearls and even ruby well. Need more iolite? The Silver Strand Gemstone Necklace has an entire row of iolite to really let the stone take center stage. 

We hope your transition into winter brings you feelings of peace and clarity. We are always inspired by you and love to see you in your Devi Arts Collective pieces. Tag us on social so we can see how amazing you look! Follow along with our blog and newsletter so you never miss a style tip or product announcement. 

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