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Gold Lightning Mini StudsGold Lightning Mini Studs
Gold Lightning Mini Studs Sale price $48.00
Gold Long Branch EarringsGold Long Branch Earrings
Gold Long Branch Earrings Sale price $60.00
Gold Mini Mountain RingGold Mini Mountain Ring
Gold Moon Unity NecklaceGold Moon Unity Necklace
Gold Moon Unity Necklace Sale price $94.00
Gold OO StudsGold OO Studs
Gold OO Studs Sale price $48.00
Gold Orbit Mediation RingGold Orbit Mediation Ring
Gold Orbit Mediation Ring Sale price $102.00
Gold Orbit Meditation Ring with GemstoneGold Orbit Meditation Ring with Gemstone
Gold Orbit RingGold Orbit Ring
Gold Orbit Ring Sale price $76.00
Gold Oval Layering ChokerGold Oval Layering Choker
Gold Oval Layering Choker Sale price $106.00
The gold pisces necklace
Gold Pisces Necklace Sale price $92.00
The gold sagittarius necklace
Gold Satellite Ball ChokerGold Satellite Ball Choker
The gold scorpio necklace
Gold Scorpio Necklace Sale price $92.00
Gold Small Heart NecklaceGold Small Heart Necklace
Gold Small Heart Necklace Sale price $80.00
Gold Snake Layering ChokerGold Snake Layering Choker
Gold Solitaire Gemstone NecklaceGold Solitaire Gemstone Necklace
Gold Solitaire Gemstone RingGold Solitaire Gemstone Ring
Gold Star Unity NecklaceGold Star Unity Necklace
Gold Star Unity Necklace Sale price $94.00
Gold Starburst EarringsGold Starburst Earrings
Gold Strand Gemstone NecklaceGold Strand Gemstone Necklace
The gold taurus necklace
Gold Taurus Necklace Sale price $92.00
The gold virgo necklace
Gold Virgo Necklace Sale price $92.00
Gold-filled Gemstone StudsGold-filled Gemstone Studs
Gold-filled Stick EarringsGold-filled Stick Earrings
Gold-filled Stick Earrings Sale price $84.00
Herringbone Layering NecklaceHerringbone Layering Necklace
Herringbone Layering Necklace Sale price $110.00
Herringbone Silver Layering NecklaceHerringbone Silver Layering Necklace
Hex Gold Bracelet with GemstoneHex Gold Bracelet with Gemstone
Hex Gold Stacking BraceletHex Gold Stacking Bracelet
Hex Gold Stacking Bracelet Sale price $126.00
Hex Gold Stacking RingHex Gold Stacking Ring
Hex Gold Stacking Ring Sale price $26.00
Hex Silver Stacking BraceletHex Silver Stacking Bracelet
Hex Silver Stacking Bracelet Sale price $102.00
Hex Silver Stacking RingHex Silver Stacking Ring
Hex Silver Stacking Ring Sale price $24.00
J-hook Gold Moon StudsJ-hook Gold Moon Studs
J-hook Gold Moon Studs Sale price $70.00
J-hook Silver Moon StudsJ-hook Silver Moon Studs
J-hook Silver Moon Studs Sale price $52.00
Large Half Hoop Brushed EarringsLarge Half Hoop Brushed Earrings
Love Heart BraceletLove Heart Bracelet
Love Heart Bracelet Sale price $84.00
Metamorphosis Butterfly Gold HoopsMetamorphosis Butterfly Gold Hoops
Metamorphosis Butterfly Gold NecklaceMetamorphosis Butterfly Gold Necklace
Metamorphosis Butterfly Gold StudsMetamorphosis Butterfly Gold Studs
Metamorphosis Butterfly Silver HoopsMetamorphosis Butterfly Silver Hoops
Metamorphosis Butterfly Silver NecklaceMetamorphosis Butterfly Silver Necklace
Metamorphosis Butterfly Silver StudsMetamorphosis Butterfly Silver Studs
Moon Over Water Gold-filled NecklaceMoon Over Water Gold-filled Necklace
Moon Over Water Silver EarringsMoon Over Water Silver Earrings
Moon Over Water Silver NecklaceMoon Over Water Silver Necklace
The oval eye Chain AnkletOval Eye Chain Anklet
Oval Eye Chain Anklet Sale price $96.00
Oval Eye Chain BraceletOval Eye Chain Bracelet
Oval Eye Chain Bracelet Sale price $84.00
Pearl Dreamer StudsPearl Dreamer Studs
Pearl Dreamer Studs Sale price $80.00
The silver aquarius necklace
Silver Aquarius Necklace Sale price $80.00

Free Shipping

Free North American shipping on all orders over $75 or more

Guilt Free Shopping

Quality and non toxic approach is at the forefront of our business. We offer quality materials such as recycled silver, gold-filled, and responsibly sourced gemstones

Gifting Ready

We offer gifting ready packaging.
All items will arrive in a reusable cotton gift pouch and a thank you note from our founder


We offer nickel and cambdium free non-toxic jewelry. We use reusable gifting packaging and our paper materials are post-consumable recycled paper

Human Made

We are a Black woman founded and owned business. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by our team in our Vancouver, Canada studio