A closeup of our gold horseshoe studsOur pair of gold horseshoe studs

Gold Horseshoe Studs

The gold leo necklace

Gold Leo Necklace

The gold libra necklace

Gold Libra Necklace

a closeup shot of our model wearing the gold circle studsOur pair of gold open circle studs

Gold OO Studs

Our model wearing the gold orbit ring and meditation ringcriss cross orbit ring in gold

Gold Orbit Ring

The gold pisces necklace

Gold Pisces Necklace

The gold scorpio necklace

Gold Scorpio Necklace

The gold taurus necklace

Gold Taurus Necklace

The gold virgo necklace

Gold Virgo Necklace

Hex Gold Stacking RingOur simple Hex Gold Stacking Ring

Hex Gold Stacking Ring

The oval eye Chain Anklet

Oval Eye Chain Anklet

The oval eye chain bracelet

Oval Eye Chain Bracelet

The gold pearl studs

Pearl Dreamer Studs

The silver aries necklace

Silver Aries Necklace

Silver Bar Mini Studsour silver bar studs

Silver Bar Mini Studs

An overhead view of two silver branch cuffsbracelet cuff silver texture tree branch

Silver Branch Cuff