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Article: Best in Stack

Best in Stack

Best in Stack

At Devi Arts Collective, we love how everyone's style is unique and extraordinary. Every one of us is our own person and we are powerful in our own way. Stacking jewelry is a simple yet elegant way to elevate your daily style and create a statement look. Stacks also help to make your beloved jewelry feel fresh by arranging them in a new way!

If you are looking for a guide or advice on how to best move into this style of stacking, that’s what we are here for. Here are a couple of ideas, tips, and hopefully inspiration to help you feel confident with stacking rings. 

Stacking Rings

Be Delicate 

To start, you can wear one ring that has the appearance of layers. These types of rings are great practice for getting used to the more complex look of layering. You can go with the delicate look of our Orbit Ring that has crossing thin bands of different textures. Our Orbit Meditation Rings are a bit thicker with bands that are free moving, this style also comes with or without a gemstone for the ultimate personalization. 

To add on from here, you can add 1 or 2 simple rings on your other hand. We love the Mini Mountain ring or Gold Solitaire Gemstone ring as stand-alone as their unique shape really draws the eye all on their own! 

Layered Stacking Rings

Go Bold

A good rule of thumb, if you are layering on one finger, is to go with three rings. Starting with the thickest band at the base and moving up to the thinnest. Our classic Stacking Rings or Hex Rings are ideal when you are layering numerous rings on one finger as they can complement the statement pieces. 

Stacking rings doesn’t have to mean wearing multiple rings on one finger, you can play with patterns and shapes by placing rings on different fingers. Try the triangle effect by having a smaller ring higher up on your middle finger, bordered by rings at the base of the others.  

We recommend going for bright colors if you are looking to make a statement! We love combining the look of vivid gemstones with unique materials and patterns for a stand-out look. 

Stacking Rings with Gemstones

Find your balance

If you are somewhere in the middle between subtle and daring, you can play with texture to amp up a simplistic look. Our Flat Ball stacking rings offer elegance on their own, or pair beautifully with other rings.  Remember this is all about wearing what feels comfortable and complimentary to your personality. We recommend trying out a variety of textures, combinations, shapes, and materials to really find the look that you feel most confident with. 

We hope we have encouraged you to try something new! We love that stacking rings are so personal and customizable. We would love to see you wearing Devi Arts Collective pieces and trying out a variety of stacking styles, tag us on social! Follow along with our newsletter and our blog to never miss style advice, promotions, and new product information.

Cheers, Bayoush

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