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Article: Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars

Hello friends of Devi Arts Collective, 

I am honoured to be celebrating 8 years of running this business, 8 years of connecting with our community, and 8 years of loving what I do. Since reopening the website and celebrating our anniversary, I wanted to reintroduce Devi Arts Collective and remind us all why we are here in this community. I created this business for many reasons, but it all comes down to my love for this earth, for beauty, and for empowerment.

I began Devi Arts Collective because of my love of creativity and my dream of creating jewelry in an ethical and sustainable fashion. I also wanted to prove that responsibly made jewelry can be accessible and for everyone. We use ethically cut gemstones, recycled silver and gold and 14kt gold-fill. This jewelry is designed to be strong and unique in order to enhance your every day. We support creativity at each stage of our business. From the gemstone cutters artists in India, to the individual with a vision of how they want to present themselves to the world. We strive to empower each of you to live your best free and authentic life. 

The pillars that we have built Devi Arts Collective upon our Honest, Handmade and Human. All of our jewelry will reflect our love for connection, nature and beauty. All of our processes will showcase our commitment to sustainability.

We believe in making the everyday extraordinary because of the little details. Unique and imperfect jewelry that is responsibly made. Our jewelry brings the intricate wonders of nature into our lives. Taking notes from my travels around the world, I am always inspired by the environment I am in, the people I meet and the connections I make. Our collective has been formed on the importance of people, community and connection. We strive to create strong partnerships with creative individuals and unite them across the globe. 

We hope our jewelry instills that feeling of being connected to something greater than oneself.

We have so many exciting things on the horizon, thank you for being along for the ride.

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