It’s Cancer Season! 💫💥

As we say goodbye to the Gemini season, we can look forward to a shift back to our roots and inner peace as Cancer season takes center stage from June 21st until July 22nd. With the longest day of the year welcoming us into the summer season, we can look forward to sunny skies even though Cancer is actually ruled by the Moon. The Moon influences those pensive feelings, of summers of the past and the comforts of home. Embrace those feelings and run to what makes you feel serene and content.

Own your water sign with our Cancer Zodiac Necklace. It is a shining star in our zodiac collection. Handmade with either sterling silver or gold-fill, it features charms and a faceted moonstone.

The astrological constellation represented on our necklaces is a medium-size constellation and its stars are rather faint, its brightest star is Beta Cancri. Cancer borders Leo and Gemini but the elusive Cancer constellation is invisible to the naked eye in most city skies.

Individuals born in Cancer season are known to:

  • Have a loyal and trusting nature
  • Create safe and comforting spaces for themselves and others
  • Trust their intuition and emotions
  • Enjoy humor and make others laugh with their observations

The zodiac birthstone for Cancer is the ruby. Our extensive birthstone collection features gemstones hand-cut by a third-generation gemstone cutting family. Express your unique self with necklaces, rings or rings showcasing the magnificent ruby.

Rubies are:

  • Often featured in folklore because of the unique color
  • Considered a stone of love, abundance, prosperity and protection

Celebrate the cancer’s in your life and embrace what the cancer season will bring to your own journey this summer. Don’t forget to tag us in your ruby and zodiac pieces on social.