Turquoise Musings 

Why turquoise is the stone of the summer

Summer invokes a whole rush of good vibes, lazy days at the beach, outdoor adventures with loved ones, and enjoying the late evening sunshine. Summer is for catching up with loved ones, soaking up sun rays and going with the flow. When we think of summer, we also think of bright colors! So many of our jewelry pieces showcase glorious gemstones, and summer is the perfect season to go for that pop of color. Turquoise is that bright, shining stone that will update your look and make you stand out. 

Turquoise is a fascinating stone, with radiating colors that are impossible to overlook. A hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum, turquoise features blue and green minerals that can vary in color and tone. The blue and green mirrors the water and the earth. It has the effect of balancing your emotions, taking the love and helping you find your center. Turquoise is known to be a stone of great wisdom. It promotes self love and acceptance. Let this summer be the summer you appreciate yourself and all you bring to this life. 

In our horoscope birthstone collection, Turquoise is the zodiac stone for Sagittarius and the birthstone for individuals born in December. We love celebrating the season you were born in and turquoise is the perfect way to honor those individuals. 

Turquoise gemstones look simply stunning in our solitaire ringsmini studs, solitaire necklaces and hex bangles. These are all simple understated pieces perfect for summer outings and adventures, but they would add glamour to your every day. All of these pieces come in both 14kt gold-fill and recycled sterling silver, both of which compliment turquoise beautifully. I really love the look of stacking jewelry and customizing your look. Turquoise mini studs would look beautiful next to our pearl dreamer studs. If you want to really brighten the look I recommend combining turquoise in gold layering necklaces, turquoise really pops against a gold backdrop. 

Let turquoise help you channel the energy of the water as you flow through the summer season. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social, we’d love to see you rocking turquoise in your summer style.