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Article: Take Care of your Sterling Silver

Take Care of your Sterling Silver

Take Care of your Sterling Silver

A precious metal with timeless appeal - Silver! It is a classic material, it truly goes with everything and can be dressed up or down. From simple designs to the backdrop of incredible details and gemstones, we love how versatile and loved silver is.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

We are thrilled to be launching a new collection of small silver hoops (we told you we love it!). We have 4 new signature styles, that will bring a touch of class to any outfit. 

To help you keep your silver jewelry looking amazing for years to come, we have developed a reference guide on how to take care of your silver. 

Keep your Silver Clean 

Avoid wearing your silver in pools, hot tubs, or hot springs. Take off your silver when cleaning, applying lotions, sunscreen, or perfumes, or doing other household chores that could expose your silver to chemicals. If any of these types of products, or even sweat, have contact with your silver, you can clean it easily with mild soap and clean water. Also, not as well known is how harmful the sun can be to your silver. Avoid leaving your silver in direct sunlight (this includes on you while sunbathing!). 

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Always Dry Your Silver 

Moisture is harmful to your silver, it leads to tarnish! Avoid keeping your silver in places like beside a sink or in your bathroom. It is fine to wash your silver in fresh, clean water but it is critical to dry it with a soft and clean cloth before putting it away. 

Store your Silver Properly

Be sure to store your silver in airtight containers or bags. Leaving silver in an open jewelry box or counter exposes it to the air which causes it to tarnish. Also, make sure to not bunch multiple pieces together when traveling or storing, this can cause them to get tangled, scratched, and damaged. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Wear your Silver!

When left on its own, silver will oxidize in the air and tarnish faster. So be sure to wear your gorgeous pieces! The best tip and practice we live by is to put on the jewelry last. After the clothes, lotions, and makeup, wash your hands and select which pieces will make you shine!

We would love to see how you rock our new collection or any of your Devi Arts Collective silver pieces, make sure to tag us on social so we can see your style! Follow along with our newsletter and our blog to never miss style advice, promotions, and new product information.

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