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Article: Taurus, Let’s See You Sparkle!

Taurus, Zodiac Horoscope and Birthstone Jewelry Blog

Taurus, Let’s See You Sparkle!

Let’s illuminate Taurus and welcome them into the limelight this season. Born between April 20th and May 20th, Taurus is known for being grounded, practical, and dependable. If you are born under this sign you have a strong sense of loyalty and are incredibly patient, which makes you a reliable friend and partner. We should all be lucky to have a Taurus in our corner! 

Gold Taurus Necklace Handmade Zodiac Jewelry

The ruling planet of Venus draws you to all things beautiful and luxurious. As a Taurus, you value stability and security and you are not one to rush things. Let’s all channel this energy as we make the most of the spring season. This is the time of the year for new opportunities and positive vibes as we look forward to months of sunshine and fresh air. 

Taurus Zodiac Horoscope About
Whether you are looking for a gift to celebrate the Taurus in your life, or want to harness your own zodiac power, the Taurus necklace from our Zodiac collection is an ideal piece. Available in both 14kt gold-fill and recycled sterling silver, we love the layout of this star sign and how it captures the unique energy of Taurus.

Celebrating the Taurus and their eye for splendor, we represent them with Rose Quartz as the alternative birthstone. The stone is said to help you connect with your emotions and express them in a healthy way. It is a beautiful pinkish stone that is often associated with love, healing, and emotional well-being. It is said to bring comfort and calmness to those who wear it, and it can be especially helpful for those who are going through a difficult time. Show off your Rose Quartz in one of our gorgeous birthstone necklaces, easily customizable by layering with other pieces or wearing on its own as an everyday piece. 

Rose Quartz Birthstone Zodiac Jewelry

We would love to see you representing your sign! Tag us on social wearing your Devi Arts Collective pieces and how you have incorporated them into your personal style. Follow along with our newsletter and our blog to stay up to date with trends, product details, and more.

Cheers, Bayoush Jewelry Company Founder

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